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I have been using

this app has been using it since the time i downloaded it, it can quickly help me distinguish some differences between files of the same names when i delete the file i know to delete the file,and this app is not only this function,you can decompress some compressed files,when we receive the compressed file,we don’t need to download other files.

Very useful app for me

This app can help me open some files, such as zip, rar files, so we don't need to download the unzipped files anymore, and sometimes we will download a variety of software on the mac, when we want to uninstall the software and When we delete all of its files, we can use this tool to find out the properties of the file and make sure it belongs to the app. This operation ensures that we can delete the file without fail, and we are no longer worried about deleting the error.

You will need

This app can help us open some files to the greatest extent, and let us know the difference between the files of the same name. I know that these files belong to the kind of APP I downloaded. I often use this app to open some files, some files. The downloading time is too long. I don't know if these files are useful for us. With this app, we can quickly sort out the files and delete them, so that my computer will run especially smoothly. Although there are all kinds of such apps now, after I use them myself, I am sure I will only use this, I believe you will fall in love with it.

Mac must have

We always download a variety of apps inadvertently, but sometimes these apps are not useful to us, and once we run a relatively large software, the computer will run slower. It is important to clean up our computer's cache regularly. Some file styles, the names are very similar, we don't know which kind of APP these files belong to. Now with this app, we can analyze the difference between the two types of files to the greatest extent, and know which type of files to delete. Let the computer release more memory for us to use.

File tool.

Many apps can't open all the files on my computer, so I always have to download multiple apps. But after I used this app, I feel pretty good. I decided to use this app in the future. This app is really good, it can solve my problem very well, and there are many file types, not bad.

I recommend it to friends

This app has brought a lot of convenience to my life. I think friends around me should also need such apps to help them alleviate the burden of mac computers. We will always download various software on mac computers, some The software has no value for us now. It can be deleted. However, some APPs may have the same name. People who do not understand the APP may delete the APP. However, with this APP, you can quickly help. We analyze which kind of APP this file belongs to, and it is very simple to operate and it is worth collecting.

Very practical.

This APP is completely my style. Function is what I want, and the steps are very simple. There is no problem. It worked well for images, word documents. and pdfs, which is all I really need it for me. I will continue to use it on my Mac. You can try to use it, if you need an app to manager your files.

Solved my confusion

I am more troubled is that on my mac computer, there are too many previously downloaded software and some files, so sometimes when I start some apps, the system runs slowly, so I just want to delete some files, but because of the time Too long, I don't know if these files are useless now. Deleting these files will cause some problems for some APPs. Now that I have this app, I can judge these files based on their attributes and their names. I can easily delete some files and release some memory. That's great.

It worth having.

In fact, I think that people who need to deal with files can try using this app. Really super easy to use. It allows me to see detailed info about a file and repair the file extension. All compatible apps installed on my Mac can open the selected file. That's so amazing. It's really a great tool.

Friends feel good

because this app helped me clean up a lot of unnecessary flies on the Mac,i think this app is quite goods i recommend this app to my friends, after they use it,they feel that the app is really good,you can use some of ythe flies with same name,depending on their properties, to determine what kind of app these flies belong ti and delete them,in addition to the large space for mac finishing.

very convenient

this app can help us to find out the attributes of the files and understand which of them belong to the app,if we delete those apps, we can easily delete the attached files,on our mac computer, there are a lot of files, some files are useless to us nowadays,we can check the files’s attributes through this app, make sure that the file is useless,we can delete it can clean up a lot of garbage.

Solved some problems

We always have some confusion. When these files have been downloaded for a long time, we do not know why these files are to be downloaded. Can these files be used or not deleted? Now that we have this app, we don’t need to worry about so many issues. We can use this app to understand what these files are doing and use them for us. We can also delete these files and encounter some names. The documents can also help us to solve.

Speed up work efficiency

We always download a variety of software on the Mac. Sometimes, when our computer shows a card, we have to delete some files, but the format of some files is the same, if not very clear Knowing that it is the file of that APP, it is easy to delete, and this will lead to some things happen. Now that we have this app, we can easily help us to tell if this file is worthwhile. We can use the file's storage address and suffix name to judge.

That's do great!

As long as there is a computer on my special care, especially in the computer inside the many documents. Every time after the installation of APP, there will be a lot of documents, would like to delete the fear of the normal use of the program. This APP in this area very good to help me. You can open the selected application file. That's so useful for me.

Such a professional app.

As long as my Mac there are a lot of documents, I would like to know what type of file. And I can not accidentally delete some files when I can fix the file extension for the application. I found a lot of similar to the APP software, but are not easy to use this. Now I do not have to worry about any questions about the file. Use such a professional software, really great to improve my computer use efficiency. It really helped me a lot and had to say it was very practical.

It's very useful for me.

This APP is really amazing, through which I can view the details of all the files on my computer and can fix the file extension for the application. I often need to look at some of my computer's files and make a deal. Maybe this is a common problem for all Virgo, there is a sense of compulsion at work. There are a lot of documents inside the computer, then always want to open to see. In short with the APP I am very relieved.


Handy tool for opening files with different extensions and allows me to see detailed info of the file opened but the app crashes sometimes.


The functionality is not good or well design. I can’t even see an option or a delay when trying to use this App. Please try to improve it...

Limited Value, Apple Textedit App Proved to be Better

I tried this File Opener on a fifteen file types I had accumu;ated on external hard drives over the last 19 years. They included old MS Word files and worksheets and several others. It could read none of them. However, Textedit, the standard Mac app, gave me acces to two-thirds of them to recover the text, if not the formatting. This app batted zero, but I have an increased appreciation for Textedit. I should not say File Opener batted zero. It did tell me, accurately, what kind of file I was trying to open and something about its original software: not useful, biut very interesting.

Grateful for this app

Within minutes, I downloaded the app which I found in the app sore and was successfully able to open the document. It was easy and worked as it was supposed to. This little program is a handy little tool that opens a number of the stange little file formats. I use this all the time and quite pleased with it.

Doesn’t do ****

This app is pointless. It does nothing… who needs an app to tell what app can open the file? Finder already does that. Stupid.

What a great app

I've recently had to open some text .dat files that were sent to me. Which I have no idea how they got to that format, but File Opener was able to open them, allowing me complete access to the content I needed. I'm very impressive with it. This free program worked really well! Thanks much for this convenient tool.

Works great for me

Like this app a lot. Opens compressed files with ease and allows me to operate seamlessly sending files. I really like this app, it's practically simple and useful. This app allows me to see detailed info about a file and repair the file extension. I have us it open my zip files, it's works super great. I have no problem so far.

Extremely useful app

Pretty useful utility-easy to use and provided the info I was needing. I had a fun time challenging it and the program was on target every time in determining what program was needed to open a variety of files. Very easy to use, had never crashed and simply designed. Nice to have this tool to read my files, love it!

Crashes when I try to open any file

Crashes when I try to open any file, no matter what kind of file it is.

doesn’t stay open

Hi, I tried this app to open one file, it wouldn’t stay open long enough to open any file. Anytime I tried to use the app, it would suddenly close.

Simple and convenient

We download a lot of files on the computer phone sometimes, sometimes want to access to these data, may be one after another to find from the computer folder is more troublesome, but this APP is to all documents in accordance with the classification taxonomy, when using this APP, we don't click the folder, computer can be directly in this APP, click on the file, refer to the file

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